Friday, 29 February 2008

Other Photographs in Lockets

Frances Castle also sent me these photographs of two sides of another locket from her family collection, which demonstrate that lockets were still popular well after the demise of the daguerreotype.

Image © & courtesy of Frances Castle
The Derby Local Studies Library sent her an image of a mounted albumen print in their collection, taken in 1872 by W.W. Winter, clearly signed by William Bakewell Sherwin (1811-1898), chemist, druggist and town councillor.

Image © the Derby Local Studies Library & courtesy of Frances Castle

This enabled Frances to identify the male subject of the locket, and confirm that the woman on the other side was indeed, as she had suspected, Sherwin's second wife Susanna Columbell.

William B. Sherwin's grandson, Charles Bakewell Sherwin (1877-1950), was a photographer with premises at 10 St James' Street, Derby in the 1920s.

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