Monday, 12 May 2008

Another WW II military group by W.W. Winter

RFJ of Scotland recently sent me a scan of another W.W. Winter military group photograph, shown below. Although the photograph was from a family collection, he knows of no connection with Derby, so the identity of the subjects and the origin of the photo are something of a mystery. Investigations with both the Derby Local Studies Library and W.W. Winter Ltd. drew blanks.

Image © and collection of RFJ

The group appears to be army and of roughly Second World War vintage. The two commissioned officers with swagger sticks seated in the middle of the front row are a Lieutenant (left) and a Captain (right).

Image © and collection of RFJ Image © and collection of RFJ

Enlargements of their cap badges unfortunately do not reveal a great deal, although it does not seem likely that they are Sherwood Foresters, the local Derbyshire regiment.

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