Tuesday, 17 June 2008

A 1960s family group by Pat Laurie of Derby

I include this contribution from Nigel Aspdin of Derby partly as an example of the work of a more recent Derby photographer, and partly to illustrate the great changes that have taken place in family photography over the years.

It is a print, measuring roughly 120 x 162 mm, mounted on embossed card with a flimsy cover, and signed "PAT LAURIE, DERBY" at the lower right of the mount. The reverse of the mount has a stamp, "Photo by: Pat Laurie, 124 Osmaston Rd. Derby" and a handwritten, "No. 1." I believe it was taken in the mid- to late 1960s. Although very carefully and professionally arranged, the grouping is far less formally presented than was common with Victorian and Edwardian portraits. The setting is the family's own home and, while some thought has been given to the background, it has not been specially created for the purpose of the portrait.

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