Monday, 20 October 2008

7th Edition of Smile for the Camera - Oh Baby!

7th Edition of Smile for the Camera - A Carnival of Images - Oh! Baby

Here is my entry for the 7th Edition of Smile for the Camera - A Carnival of Images, with the theme Oh! Baby, which will be hosted by FootnoteMaven on Shades of the Departed.

Image © and collection of Brett Payne

There's not really much to sleuth in this photograph, although there is an easily spotted clue there to my Dutch heritage. That's me on the left - none to pleased about something - with my friend Tapua Mushunje and his mum, Christina, on the verandah of our house in Nyanga (Zimbabwe). It must have been taken in late 1961 or early 1962. I have no idea what happened to Tapua.


  1. Aw, this picture must be a real treasure to you. What a great photo.

  2. what a wonderful photo of a friend. I wonder what happened to them both? any ideas? Thanks for sharing

  3. Great photo, but the lure of the can you let this one go?

  4. Thanks for your comments, T.K., Christine and Sheri. Let go? Never, ever! One day, perhaps he or one of his siblings will google his own name - don't we all, at one stage or another - and hey presto! :-) Regards, Brett


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